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    Student Scholarships and Symposium Fellowships

    (View Award Ceremony comments by: Hans Plendl, Professor Emeritus, Florida State University, Co-Director of the Student Scholarship Program)

    The Prague 2003 Symposium included special programs for encouraging graduate students and new environmental professionals to participate in the symposium through the presentation of research results and other technical projects. The Prague 2003 Symposium placed a special emphasis on these Student Scholarship and Symposium Fellowship Programs. Scholarships and fellowships were awarded to graduate students engaged in environmental studies and to environmental professionals in environmental fields. These awards were designed to encourage student and professional participation in this international environmental symposium from throughout the world.

    Applicants were required to submit an abstract for a technical/scientific presentation to be given during the symposium covering a broad array of environmental topics. Applicants were required to make either a platform or poster presentation and complete a manuscript for publication in the symposium proceedings as a condition for receiving an award. Preference was given to students and professionals engaged in engineering, chemistry, biology, physics, medical sciences, computer science, law, economics and other disciplines and occupations related to environmental issues. Student applicants were encouraged to co-author papers with major professors or other university faculty where appropriate.

    The Prague 2003 Organizing Committee awarded 300 Student Scholarships and Symposium Fellowships. These awards included a waiver of fees, accommodations financial awards for the top presentations and other benefits.

    It should be noted that students and fellows from 23 countries participated at the Prague 2003 Symposium, including countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the United States.

    The Student Scholarship and Symposium Fellowship Programs are planned for future symposia in this series. Information on future scholarships and fellowships will be available and disseminated in the near future.


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