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Plenary Presentations

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Plenary Presentation, John E. Moerlins

Plenary Presentation, Ladislav Musilek - Manuscript Unavailable

Plenary Presentation, Tomas Novotny - Manuscript Unavailable

Plenary Presentation, Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues

Plenary Presentation, Roger Aertgeerts

Plenary Presentation, Urs Fankhauser

Plenary Presentation, Craig Roberts Stapleton - Manuscript Unavailable

Plenary Presentation, Peter I. Richter

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Control Technologies: Water & Air

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Analysis, Characterization and Estimation of Organic Compounds in Waters by use of Ultraviolet Absorption Parameters (Bogatu, C.N)

Application of Compressed Ignited Engines to the Municipal Fleet in the United States: Example of Department of the Environment, City of Chicago (Szuszkiewicz, B.C.; Szuszkiewicz, J.T)

Biosensors in Feedback Control of Water Purification (Starodub, N.F.; Levkovetz, I.A.; Katzev, A.M.; Goncharuk, V.V.; Klimenko, N.A.; Vakulenko, V.F)

Chemical Parameters of Nature Water Quality of the Belarus (Yasko, V.; Dovbysheva, T.N)

Ecomonitoring of the Main River Systems of the National Park "Podilski Tovtry" (Fedorchuc, I)

Estimate of the Emission of Various Forms of Phosphorus from an Inundation Area of a Future Accumulation Lake (Manojlovic, D.; Todorovic, M.; Krsmanovic, V.D.; Golubovic, R)

Heavy Metal Elimination from Waste Water by Ion Exchange with Modified Wood Chops (Gemende, B.; Pausch, N.; Kuhnert, C.; Lorenz, R.; Wecks, M.; Hofmann, J)

Industrial Fibrous Dusts - Biological Effect Testing (Hurbankova, M.; Cerna, S.; Kyrtopoulos, A.S)

Modeling of Purification Process of Spent Waters from Complex Organic Compounds (Oshchapovsky, V.V.; Yaremko, Z.M.; Skomorovich, G.V.; Marchenko, V.A.; Shylo, V.V.; Kurilas, Ye.R)

Monitoring of Chloride Contamination in Wastewater in the Region of Devnya (Dimitrova, A.A.; Tsenkov, M)

New Approach to Metal Analysis in the Flow (Zujev, B.K.; Yagov, V.V.; Getsina, M.L.; Rudenko, B.A)

Oxidized Low-Rank Coals - In Situ Immobilized Humic Substances (Masnerova, G.; Mizera, J.; Machovic, V.; Borecka, L)

Research of Chlorine Reactions with Some Organic Compounds in Presence of Ammonia in Water Solutions (Bogatu, C.N.; Vlaicu, I.; Nicolau, M.; Kiss, D.; Zapartan, M)

Some Aspects Regarding the Separation of Organic and Suspended Matter from Water by Electroflotocoagulation (Manea, F.; Radovan, C.; Chiriac, A.; Valaicu, I)

Sorption-Catalytic Testing of Cadmium in Water Samples (Kiryushchenkov, E.N.; Beklemishev, M.K)

Study of Peatland Fires as Sources of PAH Emissions (Kakareka, S.V.; Kukharchyk, T.I.; Chuduk, V.N.; Kurman, P.V)

Trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene Decomposition in Humid Air under Gamma-Ray Irradiation (Sun, Y.-X.; Chmielewski, A.G)

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Environmental Quality Studies

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A Chemical Speciation of Trace Elements in the TSP Long-Term Monitoring at Montenegro Coast (Djordjevic, D.; Radmanovic, D.; Ilic, M.; Mihajlidi-Zelic, A.; Vukmirovic, Z)

An Assessment of the Quality of the Atmospheric Air in Two Industrial Regions in Bulgaria (Chuturkova, R.Z.; Turnovska, T.; Iliev, D.; Iossifova, Y.Y)

An Effective Way of Removing Combustible Gases (Dovbysheva, T.N)

Analysis of Location for Building Object (Ubavin, D.; Vujic, G.V.; Drasko, Z.; Hudjik, C)

Anthropogenic Influences of Depleted Uranium (Kristoforovic-Ilic, M.J.; Stojisavljevic, D.R)

Anthropological Influences of the Tisa River (Rodic, M.N.; Vidovic, M.M.; Vidovic, M.U)

As, Cd and Zn in Water of the Odra River (Skwarczek, M.; Adamiec, E.; Helios-Rybicka, E)

Assessment of Natural and Artificial Sources of Selenium in the Environment of Moldova Republic (Bogdevich, O.P.; Hannigan, R.E.; Izmailova, D.N)

Attractiveness of Public Transportation as an Alternative of Private Car (Bauer, M)

Biochemical Mechanisms Involved in the Process of Adaptation of Plants to Environmental Contamination (Shtemenko, N.I)

Cesium Accumulation in Plants and its Ecophysiological Effects (Urban, P.L.; Bystrzejewska-Piotrowska, G)

Content of PCBs in Food of Animal and Plant Origin in Vojvodina (Serbia) after Industrial Disasters in 1999 (Adamov, J.M.; Jovetic, S.; Buzarov, D.; Vojinovic-Miloradov, M)

Contribution of High Water Level to Self-Refinement of the Tisa in the Year 2000 (Dukicin, S.B.; Budimir, D.D.; Vidovic, M.M)

Danube Sediment Radioactivity Investigation (Varga, E.; Bikit, I.; Slivka, J.; Veskovic, M.J.; Conkic, Lj.U.; Zikic-Todorovic, N.T)

Determination of Some Organic and Inorganic Pollutants from the Black Sea Coast (Matei, N.V.; Dobrinas, S.; Birghila, S.; Coatu, V.; Stoica, A.-I.; Baiulescu, G.-E)

Ecological Assessment of the Urban Landscapes of Mogilev City - Particularities of Their Forming and Anthropogenic Transformation (Filimonau, V.L)

Ecological Case Study along the Sub-Basin of Mogyorod Brook in Hungary (Nagy, Zs)

Ecological Geological Consequences of Mineral Deposits by Quary Method in Belarus (Kotsiashau, H.H)

Ecological Impact on the Virulence of Phytophathogen's Populations (Bogdanovich, A.V)

Ecologically Safe Applications of Multicomponent Polymer Systems Based on Hydrophilized Unsaturated Polyester Resins (Cherkezova, R.T.; Topliyska, A.; Dimitrova, A.A)

Educational Research Youth Expeditions on Small Rivers (Ananieva, K.V.; Baranovsky, B.A.; Pedan, Yu.F)

Elements in Ectomycorrhizal Fungus Paxillus involutus (Batsch ex Fr.) from Various Sites in Poland (Brzostowski, A.; Bielawski, L.; Falandysz, J)

Environmental Assessment of Natural-Territorial Complexes (NTC) of a Big City (Tupitsyna, N.B)

Environmental Due Diligence and Its Appliance in Specific National Environmental Condition in Serbia & Montenegro (Vujic, B.; Vujic, G.V)

Environmental Potential of the City Area: Assessment of the Factors forming Environmental Situation in the City of Minsk (Falaleeva, M.A)

Estimation of Black Sea Basin Contamination with 137Cs and 90Sr Utilizing Bottom Sediments (Dolin, V.V)

Estimation of the Balance Upsets in Biosystems under Both Radioactive and Chemical Contamination of Water Bodies (Shevtsova, N.L.; Kuzmenko, M.I.; Fedorik, S.M)

Estimation of the Quality of the Black Sea Basin (Todorrov, P.T)

Evaluation of Urban Environment Ecological Situation using Biochemical and Physicochemical Investigational Methods (Gorbovskaja, A.D.; Sheinerman, N.A)

Exergy Indicators of Environmental Quality (Chamchine, A.V.; Makhviladze, G.M.; Vorobyev, O.G)

Fe, Mn and Zn in the Bottom Sediments of Wigry Lake, Szyja Basin (Prosowicz, D)

Grain-Size Effect on Heavy Metals Content in the Odra River Bottom Sediments (Aleksander, U.; Sikora, W.S.; Wojcik, R)

Heavy Metals in Relation to Soil - Fodder - Milk (Vidovic, M.M.; Vidovic, M.U.; Rodic, M.N)

Heavy Metals in the Soil and Cereal Plants at Chemical Plant (Lykholat, Yu.V)

Heavy Metals Mobility in the Soil Samples from DU Contaminated Areas (Djogo, S.; Radenkovic, M.; Djordjevic, D.; Joksic, J.D.; Raicevic, J)

Impact of Mining Pollution on Water Quality in the Smolnik Stream (Eastern Slovakia) (Sottnik, P.; Lintnerova, O.; Soltes, S)

Impact of the Zn-Pb Mining and Smelting Industry on Heavy Metals Contamination of the Przemsza River Sediments, Upper Silesia, Poland (Aleksander, U.; Helios Rybicka, E.; Szlezak, A.; Wojas, B)

Interphase Correlations of Concentrations of Trace and Major Elements obtained by Sequential Extraction of "Nikola Tesla A" Power Plant Coal Ash (Popovic, A.; Polic, P.S)

Investigation on Adsorption of Chloroacetanilide Herbicides on Hungarian Soils (Mod, R.; Foldenyi, R.; Gadar, L)

Labilizing Acting Atomic Radiation on Photosynthetical Apparatus (LAAR) (Gaponenko, V.I.; Matsko, V.P)

Litter Transformation in a Boreal Spruce Forest as a Key Element of Ecosystem Function Assessment under the Effects of Aerial Pollution in the Khibiny Mountains (Murmansk Province, Russia) (Ushakova, G.I.; Koroleva, N.E)

Low Sulphur Fuel - Environmental, Legislative and Economic Aspects (Karasalihovic, D.; Maurovic, L.; Muvrin, B)

Means of Chemical Contamination Reduction using Compositions of Vitavaks 220FF and Thermophilic Methane Fermentation Products for Presowing Seed Treatment (Volkogon, M.V.; Dragovoz, I.V)

Medium Content of Heavy Metals in Soil May Partially Compensate Development of Viral Infections in Plants (Budzanivska, I.G.; Shevchenko, A.V.; Polischuk, V.P)

Metallic Elements in the Fruiting Bodies of Fly Agaric Amanita muscaria (L.: Fr.) Pers. Collected from Various Sites in Poland (Lipka, K.; Brzostowski, A.; Falandysz, J)

Mobilization of Pollutants from River Sediments (Mueller, A)

Mussels (Mytilus Galloprovincialis) As Bioindicators Of Seawater Contamination (Jovetic, S.; Vojinovic-Miloradov, M.; Adamov, J.M.; Buzarov, D.; Jurlina, P)

Nitrates Pollution in Water Resources of the Tenagi Peatland in Northern Greece (Karyotis, Th.; Panagopoulos, A.; Panoras, A.; Mitsimponas, Th.; Haroulis, A.; Noulas, Ch)

Old Metallurgical Slag near Smolník Village (Slovakia) and Its Impact on Environment (Soltes, S.; Lintnerova, O)

Organic and Inorganic Particulate Matter in Urban Aerosols by SEM and Microprobe Analysis (Shalaboda, V.L.; Samodurov, V.P)

"Park and Ride" as a Means for Reduction of Traffic Congestion (Szarata, A)

Particulate Matter and Photooxidants in City Environment (Iossifova, A.Y.; Chuturkova, R.Z.; Iossifova, Y.Y)

Photocatalytic Degradation of Herbicide Mecoprop Sensitized by Colloidal TiO2 Nanoparticles (Topalov, A.S.; Abramovic, B.; Sojic, D.; Molnar-Gabor, D.; Comor, M)

Polarization of Agricultural Landscapes as a Path to Environmental Stability: Case Study of Brest Palesse (Maroz, V.A)

Preserved Natural Territories in a City (Arestova, I.J)

Products of Metabolic Pathways of PCBSs in Bacteria and Plants - Comparison of their Toxicity and Genotoxicity (Lovecka, P.; Mackova, M.; Demnerova, K)

Purification of Nitrogen Compounds from Waste water in an Ecologically-Polluted Region (Tomov, V.D.; Tsenkov, M)

Quality of Waters from the Ornithological Reservation Satchinez (Masu, S.; Lixandru, B.; Trandafir, G.; Manea, F.; Kiss, A.; Dalea, V)

Radioactive Contamination of Soil Close to a Phosphogypsum Disposal Pond (Kovac, J.; Sencar, J.; Marovic, G)

Radioisotopes of Uranium, Thorium, Plutonium and Americium in Mushrooms (Galanda, D.; Matel, L)

Radionuclides in Agricultural Soil in Vojvodina Region (Zikic-Todorovic, N.T.; Bikit, I.; Slivka, J.; Veskovic, M.J.; Conkic, Lj.U.; Varga, E)

Radionuclides in the Soil of Vojvodina Nature Reserves (Mrdja, D.; Bikit, I.; Slivka, J.; Veskovic, M.J.; Conkic, L.U.; Varga, E)

Research on Chloride Concentrations in Snow Melt Water in the Roadside of a Highway in Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda (Kazlauskiene, A.; Baltrenas, P)

Residues of Some Organochlorine Insecticides and Polychlorinated Biphenyls in the Fish and Sediment from Two Gage Carp (Cyprinus carpio) Farms (Buzarov, D.; Gaal, F,; Vojinovic-Miloradov, M.; Adamov, J.M.; Francuski, B.B.; Jovetic, S)

Role of Students In Ecological Situation Improvement In Big Industrial City (Lykholat, T.Yu)

Self-Clearing and Natural Attenuation Rates in Radioactive Contaminated Ecosystem (Grygolinska, N.M.; Dolin, V.V)

Sensitizing of Genome of Welsh Onion (Allium fistulosum L.) by Environmental Conditions (Lazarenko, L.M.; Bezrukov, V.F)

Shaping and Development of Plants in Conditions of Radioactive Contamination of Soil when using Potassium Fertilizers (Shamal, N.V.; Matsko, V.P)

Study of Electrical Equipment as PCB Emission Source on the Territory of Belarus (Kakareka, S.V.; Kukharchyk, T.I)

Study of the Chemical Composition of Urban Surface Runoff of Minsk City (Belarus) (Khomich, V.V.; Aucharova, A.P.; Chuduk, V.; Bokaja, G)

Surface Water Quality - State Requirements in Agricultural Area (Popovic, T.S.; Beslin, B.S)

The Ecological Morphological Status of Lawn Grass under Pollutants Influence (Nesprava, N.V.; Lykholat, Yu.V)

Total and Mobile Heavy Metals form in Suspended Matter of the Odra River (Adamiec, E.; Helios Rybicka, E)

Toxic Salts Accumulation in Landscapes Resulting from Water Management and Amelioration (Starodubtsev, V.M.; Burlibaev, M.Zh.; Popov, Yu.M.; Fedorenko, O.L.; Titenko, M.M)

Transformation of the Plant Communities of a Tundra (Arestova, I.Ju; Opekunova, M.G)

Types of Groundwater Contamination in Cities and Risk Assessment: A Case Study of Svetlogorsk, Belarus (Khomich, V.S.; Kukharchyk, T.I.; Chuduk, V.N.; Makaeva, E.S)

Utilization of Vanadium from used Industrial Catalyst for the Oxidation of Sulphur Dioxide (Stancheva, M.D.; Makedonski, L.E)

Utilization of Vanadium from used Industrial V2O5-TiO2 Catalyst for the Partial Oxidation of o-Xylene in an Ultrasonic Field (Makedonski, L.E.; Stancheva, M.D.; Nikolov, N.G)

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Facility/Site Decontamination & Decommissioning Issues

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Cloning of a Bacterial PCB-Degrading Gene into the Plants (Sura, M.; Mackova, M.; Macek, T.E.; Borovka, R.; Szekeres, M.; Bancos, S)

Comprehensive Decontamination Method Database (Emets, E.P.; Kolomeytsev, G.Yu.; Polouektov, P.P.; Shirokov, V.V.; Yakovets, A.N)

Monitoring Assays for MTBE Toxicity and Genotoxicity (Vosahlikova, M.; Pazlarova, J.; Demnerova, K)

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Field Screening, Remote Sensing & Analytical Methods

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Airborne Geophysics for Shallow Object Detection: Technology Update 2003 (Doll, W.E.; Gamey, T.J.; Beard, L.P.; Bell, D.T.; Holladay, J.S)

Beta-Spectrometry of Environmental Objects (Babenko, V.; Kazymyrov, A.; Kazymyrova, G.P.; Rudyk, A)

Mapping Warsaw from Space: Application of Object Oriented Approach to the Analysis of Urban Structure (Wrzesien, M.; Zaremski, K)

Organochlorine and Organophosphorous Pesticide Traces Determination in Water (Sydorova, L.V.; Panchenko, Y.V.; Voronov, S.A)

Use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy to Determine Chemical Properties of Forest Soils (Chodak, M.; Beese, F)

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Human & Ecological Health/Risk Assessment/Management Issues

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A New Approach for Planning and Environmental Policies in Regional Development: Case of Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in Turkey (Acma, B)

Anthropometrical Changes of Belarusian People after the Explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station (Navichkova, N.A)

ASTM International Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments: International Applications (VanHouten, J.W)

Cancer Mortality in a Belorussian Tannery (Veyalkin, I.V.; Batyan, A)

Chemical Contaminants in Food from Romania Area, 2001-2002: Risk for Cancer Disease (Hura, C.; Palamaru, I.; Hura, B.A)

Chlorination of Drinking Water: Risk for Health (Chernychenko, I.; Lytvychenko, O.I.; Balenko, N.; Babiy, V)

Coal Mine Reclamation using Products of Fossil Fuel Combustion - Risks and Benefits (Wittner, A.V)

Combined Chronic Impacts of Heavy Metals and Low Dose Irradiation Induced Metabolic Changes in Rat Brain (Ananieva, T.V.; Lykholat, E.A)

Complex Approach to the Assessment of Life Quality in the Urban Environment: Case Study of Mahiliou in Belarus (Usova, I.P)

Construction of Maps of Congenital Heart Disease and Oncological Disease in Three Regions of Ukraine using the Method of Self-Organization of Mathematical Models (Tymoshevska, L.V.; Yeremin, V.I.; Kalkuta, S.; Timoshevskii, A.N)

Cytogenetic and Radiobiological Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Antarctic Conditions on Humans (Afanasieva, E.S.; Rushkovsky, S.R.; Bezrukov, V.F.; Moiseenko, E.V.; Perevoznikov, O.M)

Developments in Soil Contamination Decision-Making Process Result in Specific Human Exposure Models (Strikwold, M.; Smit, P.J)

Dose-Effect and Time-Effect Dependencies of Tumor Formation under the Influence of Ionizing Radiation and Chemical Carcinogen (Malenchenko, A.F.; Sushko, S.N.; Saltanova, I.V)

Effect of Black Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) Juice on Lipid Peroxidation and Production of OH* Radicals in Liposomes (Popovic, M.K.; Kaurinovic, B.; Cebovic, T.N.; Milosevic, M)

Effect of Propolis and Olive Oil on Lipid Peroxidation and Production of OH* Radicals in Liposomes (Cebovic, T.N.; Popovic, M.K.; Kaurinovic, B.; Mimica-Dukic, N)

Environment - Risk Factors of Human Health and Stability - Our Future (Kristoforovic-Ilic, M.J.; Stojisavljevic, D.R.; Ilic, M.P.; Mirilov, J)

Environmental Assessment for Local Agenda 21: Case Study of Two Counties in Minsk Region of Belarus (Novik, S.M)

Environmental Life Histories of Freshwater Fish using Otolith Microchemistry (Bickford, N.A.; Hannigan, R.E.; Bogdevich, O.P)

Environmental Threats Posed by Sea-Dumped and Earth-Buried Chemical Weapons in the Central European and Baltic Regions (Matousek, J)

Evaluation of the Bozkov Dolomite Cave Guides Potential Dose (Thinova, L.; Berka, Z.; Brandejsova, E.; Milka, D.; Fronka, A.; Zdimal, V)

Hospital Waste Management and Health-Ecological Risk Prophylaxis in Bulgaria (Spasov, A.S)

Human Ecology on Radioactively Polluted Territories (Samotokin, B.B.; Yanchuk, V.M.; Orlov, O.O)

Hygienic Reglamentation of 2,4-D Group Herbicides and Limitation of Their Application in Ukraine (Chaika, Y)

Lead Contamination of the Environment and Its Health Effects in Children Dwelling in the Vicinity of Copper Smelters in the Sverdlovsk Region (Malykh, O.L.; Nikonov, B.; Gurvich, V.B.; Kuzmin, S.V.; Privalova, L.; Kosheleva, A.A)

Lead Transport through Human Media (Vidovic, M.M.; Dusan, B.I.; Rodic, M.N)

Management of Radon Safety at a Local Level (Karnaukh, N.G.; Bednarik, O.N.; Krivoshey, L.A)

Methodology for Health-Ecological Risk Assessment of a Municipal Landfill, Sofia City, Bulgaria (Sidjimov, M.A)

Nitrosamines: Indoor Air Pollution and Health Risk Assessment (Litvichenko, O.M.; Chernychenko, I.; Sovertkova, L)

Non-Auditory Health Risks of Road Traffic Noise and Community Noise Annoyance (Sobotova, L.; Jurkovicova, J.; Stefanikova, Z.; Sevcikova, L.; Aghova, L)

Premature Centromere Division as a Biomarker of Genotoxic Influences (Rushkovsky, S.R.; Petrenko, Ya.V.; Bezrukov, V.F)

Quick Risk Assessment of Metal Pollution in Agroecosystems using Bioconversion Factors (Kovacheva, P.G.; Djingova, R.; Kuleff, I)

Risk Assessement for Health of Pesticides from Food in Romania, 2002 (Hura, B.A.; Hura, C.; Strutinschi, D)

School Age and Adolescents - Environmental Health Risk Assessment at Present and in Future (Kristoforovic-Ilic, M.J.; Mirilov, J.; Stojisavljevic, D.R)

State of Organism Adaptation in the Conditions of Air Pollutant's Impact (Rodionova, V.V)

Study of Mutation Processes in Bone Marrow and Blood Cells after the Separate and Combined External and Internal y-irradiation of Organisms (Nikolaevich, L.N)

Sunshine Exposure, Tobacco Smoking and Progressive Superficial Dermatoses (Radev, S.G.; Michev, V.; Tomov, V.D)

Time and Dose Dependent Modulation of the Biochemical and Morphological Markers in Pesticide Exposure (Raducan, E.; Codorean, E.; Popescu, I.D.; Tanase, C)

Trace Elements Toxicity: Increased Risk of Intoxication in Children (Lykholat, E.A)

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Modeling & Computer Applications

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An Integrated Approach to Groundwater Rising Problem using Modeling and GIS (Stelya, L.P.; Khartchenko, S.; Stelya, I)

Analyzing Structure of Forests near Warsaw on the Basis of Satellite Imagery and Aerial Photographs (Wrzesien, M.; Zaremski, K)

Application of GIS and Aerial Thermal Image Processing Methods to Solve Environmental Problems of the Oil Industry (Mucsi, L)

Complex Environmental GIS for Municipal Management and Multidisciplinary Urban Studies: Working Guidelines for Belarusian Municipalities (Martsinkevitch, G.I.; Shkaruba, A.D.; Falaleeva, M.A)

Computer System for Ecological Control (Bartkova, L.M.; Pigovsky, Y)

Developing a Computational Framework for Estimating Inflows to a Coastal Lagoon from its Basin (Ekdal, A.; Erturk, A.; Gurel, M.; Yuceil, K.; Tanik, A)

Development of a Hydrographic Dataset for Turkey: Initial Studies (Girgin, S.; Akyurek, Z.; Usul, N)

GIS-Based Modeling for Environmental Assessment of Small Urbanized Catchments (Kireyeu, V.V.; Shkaruba, A.D)

Influence of Fire on the Ozone Layer of the Atmosphere (Oshchapovsky, V.V.; Kovalyshyn, V.V.; Kuskovets, S.L.; Marchenko, V.A.; Shylo, V.V.; Slipchenko, A.I)

Land Use Controls: Promoting Reuse and Repositioning of Industrial Properties (Curtin, J.K.; Fomous, J.M)

Mapping of Environmental Pollution in Urban Areas with GIS (Matejicek, L.; Benesova, L.; Tonika, J)

Mathematical Model for Exposure of Vegetation to Persistant Organic Pollutants (Adamov, J.M.; Vojinovic-Miloradov, M.; Buzarov, D.; Jovetic, S)

Mathematical Models for Management of Eutrophied Lakes (Nemtsova, A.A.; Ponomarenko, Y.G.; Stolberg, F.V)

Modeling of Acid Rain Content and Its Effect on the Bearing Capacity of Peach Trees (Klymenko, M.I.; Klimenko, O.E)

Modeling of Reductive Biodegradation of TCE to ETH (Worsztynowicz, A.; Rzychon, D.; Iwaszenko, S.; Siobowicz, T)

Modelling of Threshold-Crossing Problem for Random Fields of Contamination (Jankowski, R.; Walukiewicz, H)

Optimal Control Method for Estimation of Unknown Parameters of Groundwater Contamination (Stelya, O.B.; Naumenko, K.P)

Results of the Safety Analysis of the Richard Repository, Czech Republic (Ligaunova, M.; Konopaskova, S)

Simulation of Flow Forming in Twin Field and Wood Catchments of the European Part of Russia (Arestova, E)

The Dynamic of the Model Parameters of 137Cs Vertical Migration in Soil (Dorozhok, I.N.; Knatko, V.A.; Bondar, Y.I.; Kalinin, V.N)

The Method of Self-Organization of Mathematical Models and Application to Population Analysis and Environmental Monitoring (Timoshevskii, A.N.; Yeremin, V.I.; Kaklkuta, S)

Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Prevention and Management of Pipeline Release Incidents (Kriz, L.; Sys, T)

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Programmatic, Legal & Organizational Issues

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Conditions of Implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) according to ISO 14001 in Polish Local Authorities (Truszkowski, W)

Current Status of Environmental Management Systems and Future Outlook Regarding LCA in Estonian Enterprises (Talve, S)

Environmental Management System as a Strategic Development Factor in a Steel-Works (Kuczynska-Chalada, M)

Environmental Management Systems and the Practice of Polish Local Authorities in Warmia and Mazury Districts (Truszkowski, W)

Facilitaiting Brownfield Redevelopment in Central Europe: Overview and Proposals (Jackson, J.; Arch, B.; Garb, Y)

Foreign Direct Investment and Environmental Due Diligence in Central and Eastern Europe (Sys, T.; Montplaisir, D.; Kriz, L)

From Cleaner Production Assessment to a Sustainable Enterprise - Romanian Case-Study with UNIDO - TEST Project - (de Palma, R.; Teodorescu, M.; Constantin, L.; Bacaran, M.; Olaru, A.; Timar, A)

Implementation of Council Directive Concerning Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) in Polish Metallurgy (Burchart, D)

Institutionalization of Research in the Proceedings of Five International Symposia and Exhibitions on Environmental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe (Tomov, D.T)

Support of Environmental Education using Information and Communication Technologies (Matache, M.L.; Donert, K)

Sustainable Agriculture and Landscape Planning in Vojvodina (Piperski, J.M)

System Approach for Solving Environmental Problems in a Copper Smelting Plant Activity Zone (Nulman, A.A.; Kopteva, R.; Outkin, V.I)

The Brownfields Development Process: A Comparative Study Including Cities from the Visegrad Four and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Erzi, I.; Lange, D.A.; Pletnicka, A.J.; Tomaskova, M)

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Sampling & Monitoring Methods

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Application of Statistical Methods in Natural Attenuation Assessment (Wachter, T.; Schlenz, B.; Schafer, D.; Dahmke, A)

Characterization of Urban Soil Pollution (Falkenberg, J.A.; Persson, B.; Hojsholt, U.; Rokkjaer, A.; Wahid, M.; Andersen, J.S)

Determination of Lead and Cadmium in the Danube River: Results of Interlaboratory Study (Manojlovic, D.; Todorovic, M.; Krsmanovic, V.D.; Pfendt, P.A)

Determination of Sulfur Isotope Ratio in Coal Combustion Process (Derda, M.; Chmielewski, A.G)

Ecological Geochemical Investigation of the National Park Territories of Belarus: Methodological Aspects (Hatalskaya, K.H.; Lukashev, O.V.; Savchenko, V.V)

Enzymatic Sensor for Alcohols Determination (Karkeshkin, M.A.; Veselova, I.A.; Shekhovtsova, T.N)

Enzymatic Sensor for Chitosan Determination (Kireyko, A.V.; Veselova, I.A.; Shekhovtsova, T.N)

Enzyme Immobilization as Biosensor in Monitoring Carbamate Pesticides (Popescu, I.D.; Nicolae, I.; Tanase, C.; Raducan, E.; Codorean, E)

Field Methodology Description and Correlational Analysis of Well Water Contamination and Diahrreal Disease in Children of Translyvania Region, Romania (Bauer, R.; Vlad, M.; Moga, D.; Sinca, A.L.; Mirestean, I.; Zeman, C.L)

Fruit Plant Antioxidant System Element Changes as a Test-Factor of Acid Stress (Klymenko, O.E.; Klymenko, M.I.; Latsko, T.A.; Gorina, V.M)

Groundwater Quality in the Upper Vistula River Basin (Southern Poland) (Stach, M.; Kmiecik, E)

Heavy Metals in Edible Mushroom Brown Birch Scaber Stalk Leccinum scabbrum (Bull. ex Fr.) S.F. Gray Growing in Various Sites in Poland (Bielawski, L.; Lipka, K.; Falandysz, J)

Investigations of Soil Radioactivity Levels in Yerevan City from 1990 to 2002 (Nalbandyan, A.G.; Karapetyan, A.M)

Laboratory-Scale Apparatus to Assess Feasibility of Soil Venting Projects - Application at the Jet-Fuel Polluted Air Base (Slezakova, K.; Cermak, J.J.; Janku, J.; Cermakova, H.; Kubal, M)

Method of Express Determination of 90Sr Content in Different Objects with a Highly Selective Sorbent (Burak, A.O.; Bilan, O.N.; Rudak, E.A.; Lazouskaya, V.I)

Methodological Aspects of Geochemical Monitoring of River Deposits (Tvaranovich-Seuruk, D.L.; Lukashev, O.V.; Savchenko, V.V)

Methods for Radiation Contamination Determination (Radu, L)

Mining Pollution of Stream Sediments of the Smolnik Stream (Lintnerova, O.; Sottnik, P.; Soltes, S)

Peat Cores as an Archive of PAH Sources in Quaternary Sediments (Kaniewski, M.; Malawska, M.; Ekonomiuk, A.; Wilkomirski, B)

Peatland Plants as Bioindicators of Air Contamination with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) (Ekonomiuk, A.; Malawska, M.; Wilkomirski, B)

Possible Consequences from Oil Transport within Kvarner Bay - Some Solutions for Oil Monitoring and New Construction of Ships (Dobrinic, J.; Fafandjel, N)

Preparation and Characterisation of a Sorbent Suitable for Technetium Separation from Environmental Matrices (Bartosova, A.; Rajec, P.; Reich, M)

Radioecological Problems in Home Building in the City of Novi Sad (Curcic, S.M.; Bikit, I.; Veskovic, M.J.; Slivka, J.; Conkic, Lj.U.; Varga, E)

Seismic Radar and Electrical Techniques for Waste Disposal Assessment (Pipan, M.; Dal Moro, G.; Forte, E.; Sugan, M)

Soil as an Archive for Anthropogenic Influence and Pollution (Smidt, G.A)

Soil Contamination by Organochlorine Pesticides in the Republic of Armenia (Aleksandryan, A.; Frangulyan, V.; Khachatryan, A)

The Static Headspace - Influence of Soil Properties (Najmanova, P.; Slezakova, K.; Cermakova, H.; Janku, J.; Cermak, J.J.; Kubal, M)

The Trend Analysis of Three Year Biomonitoring Results in the Neighboorhood of NPP Temelin (Thinova, L.; Cechak, T.; Kluson, J.; Trojek, T)

TLD and Activated Charcoal for Radon Dosimetry (Cosma, V.A.; Cosma, C.V.; Pop, I.; Benea, V.; Flore, A)

Using Fruit Fly as the Test-System to Detect Soil Pollution by Heavy Metals (Kozeretskaya, I.A.; Topchij, I.A)

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Site Remediation / Case Studies

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Clean-Up of the Lovochemie - Lovosice Site (Polak, M)

Composition of Surface Lipids of Leaves of Conifers under Influence of Industrial Contaminants (Shepelenko, V.N.; Shtemenko, N.I.; Bersenina, O.V)

Experimental Study of Microbiological Activity Impacts on 137Cs and 90Sr Mobility in Native Soils Subjected to the Chernobyl Radionuclide Contamination (Korobova, E.M.; Uralets, T.I.; Ermakov, A.I)

Groundwater Pathway Mapping using Airborne Geophysics: Two Case Studies (Mandell, W.A.; Gamey, T.J.; Doll, W.E)

Individual and Simultaneous Determination of Some Pesticides by Biosensors (Starodub, N.F.; Krivenchuk, V.E.; Starodub, V.M.; Shapovalenko, V.F.; Dibrova, T.L)

Investigation of the Decrease of Soil Organic Matter and Soil Pollution by Heavy Metals in the Areas Intensively used for Military Activities (Greiciute, K.; Vasarevicius, S)

Laboratory and Pilot Scale Remediation Experiments of PAH-Contaminated Construction Rubble (Gemende, B.; Gerbeth, A.; Wartenberg, M.; Seidel, J.; Müller, R.H)

Phytoremediation of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated with Pesticides: Potential Use of Poplar Clones (Rachwal, L.W.; Figaj, J.; Stobiecki, S.; Kieliszewska-Rokicka, B)

Phytoremediation of Soils by Cereals (Sorochan, O.O.; Shtemenko, N.I)

Phytoremediation Technology: Quantitative Aspects of Further Development (Kravets, A.P.; Pavlenco, Yu.A)

Plant Resistance and Phytoremediation In Soil Contaminated with Hydrocarbons (Breus, I.P.; Larionova, N.L)

Prospect of using Phytoremediation for Remediation of Heavy Metals and Radioactive Isotopes in Agricultural Land in Belarus (Gorbonos, A.; Dovbysheva, T.N)

Reduction of 137Cs Uptake by Forest Berries in Belarusian Field Experiment (Kimlenka, I.M.; Sokolik, G.A.; Ovsiannikova, S.V.; Ivanova, T.G.; Leinova, S.L.; Rubinchik, S.Ya)

Release of Arsenic after Application of Phosphates into Lead and Cadmium Contaminated Soil (Malkowski, E.; Pogrzeba, M.; Kuperberg, J.M)

Remediation of Soil Contaminated with Inorganic Contaminants (Kumpiene, J.; Maurice, C)

Remediation of the Site Contaminated by More than 1,000 Tons of Dichloroethane (Raschman, R.; Nemecek, J)

Restriction of Plutonium and Americium Mobility in Contaminated Areas of Belarus (Kimlenka, I.M.; Sokolik, G.A.; Ovsiannikova, S.V.; Ivanova, T.G.; Leinova, S.L.; Zakharenkov, V.V)

Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) as Innovative Approach for TCE Removal (Dusilek, P.; Kvapil, P.; Udell, K.S.; Hampson, C.M)

The Effect of Cadmium on IAA and FC-Induced Growth and Proton Secretion in Corn Coleoptile Segments (Karcz, W.; Malkowski, E.; Kurtyka, R.; Kuperberg, J.M)

The Interactions of Exogenous Hydrophobic Liquids with Organic and Mineral Soil Substances (Mishchenko, A.A.; Smirnova, E.V.; Breus, I.P.; Nekludov, S.A.; Breus, V.A)

The Microbial Activity of Soil from an Abandoned Industrial Area in Poland (Kacprzak, M.; Malina, G.; Zabochnicka-Swiatek, M)

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Solid & Hazardous Waste Management

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Abatement of CO2 Emission in Estonian Energy Sector (Uibu, M.; Kuusik, R.; Veskimae, H)

Adsorption of Components of Hazardous Waste on Clay and Soil (Nemeth, S.; Foldenyi, R.; Halmos, P.; Borszeki, J)

Composting Industry in Turkey and EU States (Kulcu, R.; Yaldiz, O)

Infiltration Assessment Based on the Results of Long-Term Lysimetric Observations in Natural Hydrological Cycle (Sarga, M.G.; Kmiecik, E)

Leaching Studies in Management of Industrial Waste in Cement Matrix (Plecas, I.B)

Management and Recovery of Mixed Polymer Waste (Krstic, S)

Mechanism for Tritium Water - Clay Barrier Interaction (Samodurov, V.P.; Klimza, S.V.; Dokutovich, A.I.; Hach-Ali, P.F.; Galindo, A.L.; Baker, J.H)

Monitoring the Impact of Dumps on the Environment (Kavalchyk, N.V.; Khomich, V.S)

National Strategy for Solid Waste Management in Serbia (Stevanovic Carapina, H.; Ilic, M.; Jovovic, A)

Plastics: Material which should be Reused not Dumped (Grba, N.; Posarac, I.; Cabradi, G.; Tomasevic, B)

Problems of Recycling and Reuse of City Waste in Novi Sad (Grba, N.; Posarac, I.; Keselj, V)

Research Regarding Recycling of Process Waters from a Romanian Metallurgical Plant (Vasiliu, C.; Guta, A.I.; Cox, M)

The Influence of Industrial Truck Wastes on the Chemical Consumption of Morainic Deposits (Siadykh, K.S.; Lukashev, O.V)

Waste Separation and Recycling Methods - Which are the Most Suitable for the City of Novi Sad (Vujic, G.V.; Marinic, I.; Basic, Dj)

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Treatment Technologies

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Adsorption of Chromate Anions from Aqueous Solutions at Different pH Values (Lach, J.; Ociepa, E.; Neczaj, E)

Anaerobic Biotransformation of TCE by Heterotrophic Enrichment Cultures (Plaza, G.; Ulfig, K.; Rzychon, D.; Worsztynowicz, A.; Wypych, J.; Brigmon, R.L)

Application of Chlorophyll Fluorometry for Monitoring Phytoremediation of Uranium Mill Tailing Sites (Richter, P.I.; Barocsi, A.; Csintalan, Z.; Kuperberg, J.M)

Behavior of Magnesium Compounds at Sulphation of Lime-Containing Sorbents (Kaljuvee, T.; Kuusik, R.; Uibu, M)

Bioremediation of Mine Waters from a Uranium Deposit (Groudev, S.N.; Komnitsas, K.; Spasova, I.I.; Paspaliaris, I)

Bioremediation of Oil-Contaminated Soil using Surfactant and Adsorbents (Selberg, A.; Tenno, T)

Biosorbents in Surface Water Treatment for Radionuclides (Shevchenko, O.L.; Spasenova, L.N.; Tobilko, V.Y.; Kornilovich, B.; Gvozdyak, P.I.; Udilova, O.F)

Catalytic Conversion of Torch Gases (Adnadjevic, B.; Popovic, A)

Chemical Stabilization of Mercury Compounds in Contaminated Soil (Zielonka, U.; Kucharski, R.; Kuperberg, J.M)

Cleaning Treatment Improvement of "Spent" Caustic from Refineries (Cvetkovic, O.G.; Nikolic-Mandic, S.D.; Simic, M.B.; Manojlovic, D.; Hadzi-Peric, S)

Constructed Wetlands - A New Approach for the Treatment of Municipal Wastewater in Vojvodina Province (Loncar, L.; Sekulic, N)

Decomposition and Sulphation of Calcareous Compounds during Combustion of Estonian Oil Shale (Trikkel, A.; Kuusik, R.; Uibu, M)

Development of an Integrated Technology for Treatment of Nickel-Containing Wastewater: Regeneration of Exhausted Nickel Electroplating Solutions (Kochetov, G.M.; Ternovtsev, V.E.; Dzurik, A.A.; Leszczynska, D.; Zaitsev, V)

Development of New Catalysts for the Enhanced Removal of Chlorophenol from Water (Orlov, A.M.; Lynch, R.J.; Lambert, R.M)

Development of Up- and Downstream Permeable Reactive Barrier Systems for Remediation of Arsenic and VOC Groundwater Contaminations (Development of PRB systems for remediation of arsenic and VOC) (Kober, R.; Giarolli, F.; Dahmke, A)

Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Contents of Cd and RNA in Vegetative Organs of Red Beet (Guralchuk, Zh.Z.; Tishchenko, O.M)

Electrochemical Decontamination of Soils Debased by 137Cs (Nemec, M.; John, J.; Rezbarik, J.; Prazska, M)

Electrodialysis - An Interesting Solution to "The Nitrate Problem" in Drinking Water (Rozanska, A.; Wisniewski, J)

Fixation of Pb-Cations by Two Different Types of Clays from the Polish Lowland in Warsaw's Surroundings (Luczak-Wilamowska, B)

Improvement of the Productivity of Cotton by Phosphate Solubilizing Bacterial Inoculants (Poberejskaya, S.; Egamberdiyeva, D.; Myachina, O.; Teryuhova, P.; Seydalieva, L.; Aliev, A)

Influence of Natural Organic Matter on Coagulation Efficiency (Lugosi, R.; Gajari, J)

Investigation of Surface Chemistry Properties of Ga2O3/Al2O3 Catalysts by FT-IR Spectroscopy (Szabo, B.; Ollar, T.; Redey, A)

Microorganisms of Fuel Contaminated Soil under Phytorehabilitation (Khorkova, E.V.; Norina, O.S.; Zaripova, S.K)

Modification of Track-Etched Membranes with Oligomeric Bianchor Compounds and Its Effect on Their Separating Properties (Vakuliuk, P.V.; Byrban, A.F.; Bryk, M.T.; Protasova, N.V.; Shevchenko, V.V)

Natural Attenuation of Organic Contaminants at the Interface between Groundwater and Surface Water (Staps, J.J.M.; Middeldorp, P.J.M.; Rijnaarts, H.H.M.; Valstar, J.R.; Roelofsen, F.J.; Smits, J.G.C)

Occurrence of the Natural Isolation Barriers in Polygenetic River Valleys from the Eastern Part of the Polish Lowlands (Falkowska, E)

Phytoremediation Studies using Transgenic Tobacco Accumulating Cd (Macek, T.E.; Mackova, M.; Pavlikova, D.; Szakova, J.; Kotrba, P.; Sura, M)

Products of the Plant Metabolism of PCB (Mackova, M.; Chroma, L.; Kochankova, L.; Lovecka, P.; Demnerova, K.; Macek, T.E)

Radiation Induced Decomposition of 1,2-Dichloroethane in Water Systems (Silber, R.; Mucka, V.; Pospisil, M.; Klisky, V.; Bartonicek, B)

Radiolytic Degradation of Organic Complexants in Liquid Radioactive Wastes (Semelova, M.; John, J)

Reaction Kinetics of Miscanthus Gasification with Carbon Dioxide (Szepvolgyi, M.; Kotsis, L.; Marosvolgyi, B)

Removal of Selected Heavy Metals (Lead and Cadmium) from Aqueous Solutions using Ionizing Radiation (Pospisil, M.; Mucka, V.; Cuba, V.; Silber, R.; Hejnova, P.; Dolansky, J)

Research on Natural Powdered Zeolite Influence on Drinking Water Treatment in the Druskininkai III Water Works (Valentukeviciene, M.; Rimeika, M)

Separation of Co (II) and Ni (II) Ions from Wastewater by Emulsion Liquid Membrane Technique (Manea, F.; Dalea, V.; Masu, S.; Negrea, P)

Studies of Oxidation of Organic Phosphorus by Means of Ferrous Sulfate and Fenton's Reagent (Przywara, L)

Study of a Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) Preparative Liquid Chromatographic Appliance and Technology (Nagy, M.; Molnar, Z.; Hanak, L.; Argyelan, J.; Szanya, T.; Aranyi, A)

Study of Application of Alginite in the Treatment of Pesticide Contaminated Groundwater (Rauch, R.; Foldenyi, R.; Magyar, B.; Barcza, I)

The Use of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria for Improving Plant Growth of Wheat, Maize and Cotton in Calcareous Soil of Uzbekistan (Egamberdiyeva, D.; Juraeva, D.; Yuldasheva, H.; Davranov, K)

The Use of Soil with High Content of Humic Substances for the Remediation of Soil Polluted with Copper (Sumar, M.; Manojlovic, D.; Krsmanovic, V.D)

The Use of Ultrasound to Accelerate the Anaberobic Digestion of Waste Activated Sludge (Neczaj, E.; Lach, J)

Thermochemical Methods of Soil Decontamination (Skrehot, P.; Nemec, M.; John, J)

Use of an Anaerobic Bioreactor to Treat Chlorinated Solvent-Contaminated Soils (Worsztynowicz, A.; Rzychon, D.; Siobowicz, T.; Iwaszenko, S.; Plaza, G.; Ulfig, K)

Use of Two-Surfactant Mixtures to get Specific HLB Values for Assisted TPH-Diesel Biodegradation (Torres, L.G.; Rojas, N.; Iturbe, R)

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Waste Management/Rad Waste

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A European Network for Radiologically Contaminated Land (Booth, P.M)

Actinide Sorption by Fe- and Mn-Containing Oxides (Khasanova, A.B.; Shcherbina, N.S.; Kalmykov, St.N.; Novikov, A.P.; Teterin, Yu.A)

Adaptation Reserves of Microorganisms from Extreme Enviromental Conditions (Davydenko, S.G.; Suslova, I.N.; Suslov, A.V.; Bagiyan, G.A.; Stepanova, V.P.; Yarovoy, B.F)

Clayey Barriers for Tritiated Groundwater Protection (Samodurov, V.P.; Hach-Ali, P.F.; Baker, J.H.; Lytovchenko, A.S.; Pushkarev, A.V.; Kovalenko, G.D)

Effect of Curing Time on the Fraction of 137Cs from Cement Matrix (Plecas, I.B)

Effect of Soil Factors on the Mechanisms of Radionuclide Transfer in a Soil - Plant System (Sokolik, A.I.; Fedorovich, D.A)

Fixation of Anionic Forms of Radioactive Contaminants on Natural Sorbents (Vinsova, H.; Koudelkova, M.; Konirova, R.; Jedinakova-Krizova, V)

Long-Term Performance By Reduction Factors of Geosynthetics for Waste Landfills Before/After Installation (Jeon, H.-Y)

New Approaches of Estimating Uranium in Air (Iossifova, Y.Y.; Rusev, R.; Chuturkova, R.Z)

Positive and Negative Aspects of Phytoremediation Measures Applied to Moldova Noua Sterile Deposit (Matache, M.L.; Rozylowicz, L.; Ropota, M.; Patroescu, C)

Prospects and Problems of Sustainable Solid Waste Management in Bulgaria (Kazashka, K.T.; Nath, B)

Radionuclide Migration in Soils of Dnipro Rreservoir's Coast (Fedorenko, O.L.; Titenko, M.M.; Starodubtsev, V.M)

SHS of Mineral-Like Compositions for Immobilization of Actinides (Vinokurov, S.E.; Perevalov, S.A.; Kulyako, Yu.M.; Myasoedov, B.F)

Sources of Forecast of the Consequences of Radiation Accidents Uncertainties (Kravets, A.P)

State-of-the-Art, Problems and Prospects of Environmental Restoration in the Oil and Gas Industry of Russia (Koryakovskiy, Yu.S.; Nechaev, A.F.; Tsvetkov, V.I.; Saveliev, V.P)

The Criteria of Quality and Ecological Safety of Hardened Radioactive Waste (Dovbysheva, T.N)

The Effect of Particle Size Composition and Stability of Soil Aggregates on 137Cs Vertical Migration in Sandy Soils within the 50-km Chernobyl NPP Zone (Vazhinsky, A.G)

Treatment of Used Catalyzers - Case Study of NIS Refinery, Belgrade (Jovanic, P.B.; Milica, V.; Sanja, M.; Goran, J)

Unidentified Multiaberrant Cells as Evidence of y-Irradiation in Allium cepa L. (Kutsokon, N.K.; Rashydov, N.M.; Grodzinsky, D.M)

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