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Christopher Teaf, Ph.D., Project Director: Toxicology and Human Health Risk Assessment
Dr. Teaf's research and applied activities involve the study of toxicological properties of environmental and occupational chemicals, particularly with regard to the potential human health risks.

For over 15 years, Dr. Teaf has conducted or provided critical reviews of risk-based evaluations under federal or state occupational and environmental requirements, at sites exhibiting contamination by solvents, metals, radionuclides, pesticides, petroleum constituents, biological agents and other substances.  In addition to graduate and undergraduate teaching activities, Dr. Teaf also conducts OSHA Health & Safety courses for personnel in environmental agencies, as well as private industry.  He served under 3 Florida governors as Toxicologist to the State Financial and Technical Advisory Committee and was Chairman for the Toxic Substances Advisory Council within the Department of Labor and Employment Security.

Dr. Teaf is presently risk assessment advisor to the FSU/U.S. DOE project with the Polish Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas concerning exposure characterization and protection of workers and the general public at contaminated sites.  Dr. Teaf also holds an adjunct faculty position in the Florida A & M University College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, and is an Associate in Medicine at the FSU Program in Medical Sciences.

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