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Norbert Barszczewski, International Visiting Scholar & Research Assistant
Mr. Barszczewski is a citizen of Poland working at Florida State University on a visiting scholar internship through the IICER.  Mr. Barszczewski's technical activities are focused on identifying and developing databases on graduate students and faculty from technical universities in Central and Eastern Europe who are involved in the environmental fields.  Mr. Barszczewski also assists with logistical and planning for international symposia, conferences and workshops conducted by the IICER in the Central European and Central Asian regions.  Mr. Barszczewski provides translation support for documents and oral interactions in Polish and Russian languages.  He also is responsible for digital preparation of photographic data to document field activities associated with projects conducted by the IICER, web page development and multi-media layout and development of printed and Internet-based documents.  Mr. Barszczewski holds a Masters degree from the Academy of Physical Training in Cracow, Poland.

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