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Hungarian/Czech/Polish/US Collaboration for Environmental Restoration, Katowice, Poland
Shown in the photo at right is Professor Peter Richter (left), Associate Director of the IICER, and his colleagues from the Technical University of Budapest and CEAT Ltd., a private Hungarian company, as they set up environmental monitoring instrumentation which has been developed in cooperation with the IICER.  Professor Richterís group specializes in the remote sensing (in situ) of air pollution using laser spectroscopy, in situ detection of hydrocarbon pollution in soils, and detection of other types of soil pollution by measuring chlorophyll fluorescence as an indication of environmental stress in plants.  These instruments and the related new technologies have been successfully used in large-scale demonstration projects in Hungary and Poland in conjunction with the IICER.

Professor Richter has a joint appointment at the Technical University of Budapest and at the IICER.  (Dr. Richter received his M.S. degree in physics from the Florida State University.)  Shown in the smaller photo is a portable chlorophyll fluoro-meter that was developed in Professor Richterís laboratory in conjunction with the IICER.

This instrument is being used in a phytoremediation project in the heavy-metal contaminated region of Katowice, Poland in collaboration with the Polish Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas.  These projects are being conducted under the direction and supervision of Dr. J. Michael Kuperberg and Mr. Laymon Gray of the IICER.

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