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NATO Advanced Study Institute on Chemical Separations Technology, Dubna, Russia
The IICER was funded by NATO to organize and conduct a NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) on Chemical Separations Technologies.  The ASI was held in Dubna, Russia at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in May of 1998.  This NATO Advanced Study Institute was co-directed by Drs. Gregory Choppin and Mikhail Khankhasayev, Associate Directors of the IICER, in cooperation with the JINR.  Eighty students and professionals from 14 countries attended lectures by invited international experts and took part in case studies and site tours.

Shown in the photo are Dr. Khankhasayev (left) with three of the participants during a discussion: Dr. Sergei Siníkov, Moscow State University; Dr. Alfred Morgenstern, Technical University of Munich, Germany; and Dr. Stepan Kalmykov, Moscow State University.  Dr. Morgenstern is a Postdoctoral Associate in Professor Choppinís laboratory at Florida State University.  Dr. Siníkov and Dr. Kalmykov later came to the IICER to conduct research at the nuclear chemistry laboratory of Professor Choppin at Florida State University.

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