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NATO Advanced Research Workshop on the Clean-up of Former Soviet Military Bases, Visegrad, Hungary
The IICER was funded by NATO to conduct an Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) in Visegrád, Hungary on the clean-up of former Soviet military installations.  Dr. Roy Herndon (IICER-Florida State University) and Professor Peter Richter (Technical University of Budapest) co-directed this ARW.

Shown at right is the group of experts who participated in this ARW.

The results of this workshop were published as the initial volume of the NATO Environment Series.  The book, “Clean-up of Former Soviet Military Installations in Central & Eastern Europe”, was issued by Springer Press in cooperation with the NATO Scientific Affairs Division and was edited by Roy Herndon, John Moerlins, J. Michael Kuperberg, Peter Richter and Imre Biczó.

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