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The Joint Coordinating Committee on Environmental Management (JCCEM), Russia-USA
In 1993, the U.S. Department of Energy and the Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy (MINATOM) established a Joint Coordinating Committee for Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (JCCEM) for which the IICER provides assistance and support.  The JCCEM has been so successful in its mission that it has served as a model for other, more recently established joint coordinating committees: JCCES and JCCRM.

Thirty collaborative projects involving several hundred Russian scientists from Russian academic and government laboratories, and dozens of scientists from U.S. National Laboratories have led to significant advances in a variety of critical areas.  More than a dozen workshops and demonstrations in this country and in Russia are conducted annually under the JCCEM.

The signing of the Record of Meeting at the 10th JCCEM meeting in Prague, Czech Republic occurred September 13-14, 2000 between the U.S. Department of Energy and the Ministry of Atomic Energy (MINATOM) for the Russian Federation.  Shown in the picture (upper) (left to right) are: Mr. Gerald Boyd, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, U.S. Department of Energy and Dr. Valery Lebedev, Deputy Minister, MINATOM.

Shown here (middle picture), at a workshop at the former plutonium production site in Hanford, Washington are Dr. Nelly Vasil'kova (center) of the Hydrospetzgeologia Institute in Moscow, and Dr. Andrei Glagotev (right) of the Mayak facility in the Ural Mountains near Ozersk, Russia in a discussion with Dr. Mikhail Khankhasayev (left), Associate Director of the IICER and Senior Scientist at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia.  In the background is a hydrogeological map of the Mayak Production Facility, the Russian counterpart of Hanford.  The existence of this facility was a closely guarded secret during the Cold War.  The severe environmental damages caused by both facilities during that time are being alleviated through the exchange of information and expertise which is accomplished with the technical assistance and support of the IICER at Florida State University.

Steven Bossart (DOE-NETL) (lower picture - left) and Evgeny Krjukov (MINATOM) concluded the Joint U.S. Russian JCCEM Workshop on Decontamination of Plutonium Gloveboxes, which was conducted on December 13-14, 2000 in Miamisburg, Ohio, USA.  The main objective of this workshop was an information exchange between US and Russian managers responsible for technologies and the practice of decontamination of plutonium contaminated gloveboxes.  Standing from left to right: Ellen Stallings (Los Alamos National Laboratory), John McFee ( Los Alamos LSDDP Administrative Project Manager) and Mikhail Khankhasayev (Florida State University).

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