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Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

The serious environmental problems in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe can be solved only through close international cooperation, including the exchange of information and personnel.  The IICER, through its cooperative international environmental program, is making significant contributions to the solution of these difficult problems.

Dr. Jan John
Assistant Professor of Nuclear Chemistry
The Czech Technical University in Prague

The Czech Technical University in Prague is one of several institutions in Central Europe with which the IICER has a formal Agreement of Cooperation.  This agreement provides for the exchange of students between the Florida State University and the Czech Technical University in Prague.

With financial support from the IICER, Katarina Uvirova from the Czech Technical University in Prague spent the 1998 Fall semester at the Florida State University in the nuclear chemistry laboratory of Professor Gregory Choppin.  (Professor Choppin also serves as an Associate Director of the IICER.)  Her research provided data on the behavior of plutonium in natural aquatic systems and in radioactive waste storage tanks.  Among the experimental techniques she used were ultra-filtration and solvent extraction.  Ms. Uvirova (now Dr. Uvirova) is shown at work in her laboratory at the Czech Technical University in Prague where her research was directed by Professor Ferdinand Sebesta.

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